Federal Performance Measures


In general, a performance measure  (PM) is an indicator of progress toward attaining desired goals, policies, or targets.  State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are required by MAP-21 and the FAST Act to implement performance measures for the National Highway System (NHS) and other aspects of the transportation system under their jurisdiction by setting quantifiable targets and providing periodic reporting on these performance targets.  Federal rules have specified the following required performance measures for State DOTs and MPOs to incorporate into their metropolitan transportation planning and programming processes:

Roadway Safety Measures (PM1)

NHS Infrastructure Measures (PM2)
-  Pavement Conditions
-  Bridge Conditions

System Performance Measures (PM3)
-  Level of Travel Time Reliability
-  Peak Hour Excessive Delay
-  Truck Travel Time Reliability
-  Non-Single Occupancy Vehicle (Non-SOV) Travel
-  Total Emissions Reductions
Transit Asset Management (TAM) 

Transit Safety (as part of Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan requirements)

NCTCOG has already begun the process of integrating these federal performance measures into its metropolitan transportation planning and programming documents.  Further information about these performance measures and their implementation dates is provided in Mobility 2045 and in the 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). 

Status Update 

The Regional Transportation Council (RTC) approved new performance targets for  Roadway Safety and Transit Asset Management (TAM) on February 14, 2019.   The RTC approved performance targets for NHS Pavement/Bridge Conditions and System Performance on November 8, 2018. Subsequent action revisiting targets for many of these measures is anticipated in 2020.

Meeting Materials 

- RTC Resolution on Roadway Safety Performance Targets - February 2019
- RTC Resolution on TAM Performance Targets - February 2019
- RTC Presentation on Roadway Safety and TAM Performance Targets - February 2019
- RTC Resolution on NHS Pavement/Bridge Conditions and System Performance Targets - November 2018
RTC Presentation on NHS Pavement/Bridge Conditions and System Performance Targets - November 2018
- NCTCOG Public Meetings Presentation on NHS Pavement/Bridge Conditions and System Performance Targets - October 2018
RTC  Minutes on Roadway Safety and TAM Performance Targets - December 2017
RTC Presentation on Roadway Safety and TAM Performance Targets - December 2017

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Staff Contacts

General: Chris Klaus, Jenny Narvaez, and James McLane
Roadway Safety: Sonya Landrum
NHS Pavement and Bridge Conditions: Clifton Hall
Level of Travel Time Reliability: Berrien Barks
Peak Hour Excessive Delay: Berrien Barks
Truck Travel Time Reliability: Jeff Hathcock
Non-SOV Travel: Kevin Kokes
Total Emission Reductions: Jenny Narvaez
Transit Asset Management: Shawn Dintino
Transit Safety: Shawn Dintino